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Slide-Loc® Quick Release Lever

also Quick Release Latch, or Quick Release Fastener


Our latest evolution is to take on the meek and humble thumbscrew, bolts, & wingnuts... often a thorn for users... and replace it with what can only be described as a massive leap forward. The Patent Pending lever replaces the need for many thumbscrews, conventional fasteners while providing fast repeatable tensioning. Additionally alleviating the need for oversized bulkheads, complex machined lids, inconvenient release and locking of equipment, & better preserves the integrity of the gasket when needed.

For use in a variety of applications where simplicity, durability, strength, & corrosion resistance are appreciated.

  • Simple with fast release and re-attachment.​​

  • Quality 316 stainless steel & titanium studs along with anodized aluminum levers.

  • Able to retrofit existing equipment.​

  • Repeatable re-tensioning.​

  • Eliminates shear force on gaskets.​​​

  • Doesn't swell like nylon and bind threads.​​​

  • Simple pressure adjustment.​​

  • Adjustment tool built in.

  • Comfortable on the hands.

  • Utilizes tensioning force (stretching) vs. the less mechanically sound torsion force (rotating).

  • More forgiving on lining up parts.

  • Lever dimensions: 2.25 x 0.81"

  • Engineered in the U.S.A.


Aquarium Device Compatibility Guide HERE


Devices having utilized our levers:

- Aquarium Devices

- Astronomy Telescope Mounts

- AV Equipment Mounts

- Bike Racks

- Broom Handle Attachments

- Bulkheads

- Cab Enclosures

- Concrete Forms

- Industrial Coffee Grinders

- Moulds

- Vehicle Jack Mounts

- 3D Printers

M8 Quick Release Lever (Fastener, Latch)

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