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These are high strength rejected neodymium magnets that we've been accumulating for several years. Individually these sell uncoated for ~$11.00 online for reference.

They are rejected as they are visually not suitable for retail and / or could they can only claim a single seal vs our double seal. Magnets may or may not have logos on them.

Common flaws include:

- Scuffed / Scratched

- Tarnishing surface

- Inner high impact compund over filled

- Outer lid miss alignment.

- No outer lid and single sealed only (previously was standard).

Grade of magnets:

B) Double sealed but visually flawed.

C) Double / Single sealed, miss aligned lid, and / over filling of high impact compound.

D) Jacked up looking but still strong, great for holding tools or exterior magnets.

***All magnets should be observed if submerging. No guarantees of their integrity but those least likely to be water tight will be grade “D”.

Discounted Magnets

PriceFrom $4.00
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