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  • Aids in adjusting skimmer performance for low bio-loads.
  • When all other tuning fails, if there isn't enough biological mass to sustain a skimmer head then you simple need to reduce the surface area available.
  • Use the sizing calculator, small changes will yield considerable adjustments to surface area.
  • Low performance can occur from:
    • New tank start up.​
    • Additional filtration added.
    • Pre-owned skimmer.
    • Reduction in tank inhabitants.
  • Build confidence in your next skimmer purchase or maximize the performance on your current one.​
  • Ozone resistant materials.
  • Reef-safe ad easy to clean.
  • Beveled edges for skimmate drainage.
  • Guide lines on the under side to aid in cutting to size.​​​
  • Hand crafted & engineered in the U.S.A.
UPC 641837474499, 641837474482, 641837474475
Price $19.98


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