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Slide-Loc® developed patent pending methods of transporting, displaying, & growing out coral as well as servicing equipment unlike any other.

Time to maximize flexibility & maintenance ease for coral health in sleek, efficient designs.

Hand crafted & engineered in the U.S.A.



  • Original designs and unique problem solving concepts make the difference.

  • Patent pending Slide-Loc® channel, celebrate flexible & secure coral placement.

    • Dual Coloration - Black or white to improve display, increased lighting, & spotting pests.

  • Patent pending quick release levers for equipment & bulkhead maintenance.

    • For effective, efficient, & simple equipment maintenance.​

  • Water tight, high quality, & durable containers.

  • Universal, compact probe mounts to accommodate all controllers.

  • Double sealed, high impact, neodymium magnets for reliability and strength.

  • Seamless plate binding construction.

  • Join the revolution!


Slide-Loc probe & dosing holders
Slide-Loc coral frag racks
Slide-Loc coral transports
Slide-Loc swag & gear
Slide-Loc misc devices
Slide-Loc Online Shop



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